Why Me?

Experience You Can Count On and the Catalyst for Change You Need

I am passionate about helping individuals live their best lives and helping organizations create workplaces where people want to be and where they want to stay and build a career.  

I've been part of great organizations and teams and know what great looks like.  I've also been part of teams that were less than effective.

I've felt that pebble in  my shoe where I didn't feel like I was in the right role so I know what people are often feeling.  I've switched roles many times to find that next challenge, and I've taken 2 big career leaps of faith.

I believe that we should all have the opportunity to love what we do and be part of an organization that values us and provides the opportunity for our growth.

With over 25 years working in the talent management field at large global organizations like Accenture and EPAM, I'm excited to leverage my experiences coaching executives and defining and implementing talent strategies to support you and your needs.

My areas of talent expertise range from executive coaching to acquisition due diligence and integration to performance management strategies to employee engagement/employee experience.  I love to coach and mentor team members, executives in my organizations, and colleagues from other organizations.   

My certifications include: 


- Coach Training EDU - Certified Executive Life Coach

- Certified Practitioner for the AIIR Consulting Team Effectiveness Survey

- Certified Practitioner for the Global Leadership Assessment (GL360)

When you put together my Gallup Top 10 Strengths and my Stand Out profile,  this combination is powerful in helping individuals and organizations unleash and achieve their full potential.

My Gallup Top 10 Strengths: Achiever, Command, Significance, Responsibility, Activator, Relator, Learner, Competition, Focus, Input.

My Stand Out profile:  Advisor and Creator 


Melissa Carson, Your Partner for Change



"What I love the most about my sessions with Melissa is how she motivates me to be a better self, to feel this energy that I need to empower and support others. From the first session I felt this confidence that I was missing that Yes, I can! I can lead my team and I can coach the leaders in my organizations so they can support and lead people in their teams. Melissa is a wonderful coach who always has the best questions to unleash your true potential. She helped me make the transition into thinking more deeply about a role I already had when my style and methods were impacted sometime too much by my experience as an individual contributor. Melissa challenged me to develop new ways of leading people. She engaged with me to discuss my business in depth and guided me to a point where I was more comfortable and able to think about how to share my thoughts and strategies with my peers, my leaders, and my employees." - OI

"Coaching sessions with Melissa have been some of my favorite work mornings! The session was with another colleague. Melissa created space to be authentic and has helped me find ways to be a better version of myself both professionally and personally. She helped build an unexpected warm relationship with my colleague, which was an added bonus. Melissa is your person if you are seeking to make improvements in your professional life!"  - SA

"I had the pleasure to participate in coaching sessions with Melissa and one other team member.  We joke that the sessions are almost like therapy!  She was amazing at asking questions that trigger us to think on a deeper level and challenge ourselves.  She guided the conversations to not give us solutions but help us identify action plans to achieve our desired solution.  It has been a really eye opening and fulfilling experience that has helped me grow and also become a better manager and team member." - RS

“Melissa’s coaching has been very helpful in guiding me to establish my brand and to articulate my unique value proposition to leadership. ” - NM

"You have been extremely helpful. The techniques which you provided me with have been extremely useful. Your ability to help me turn the mirror on myself and truly understand some of the reasons I have been successful/unsuccessful, feel insecure/secure and a multitude of other issues has proven invaluable. I have found that meeting with you to discuss my career aspirations and approach has changed the way in which I comport myself and approach my business life... Thank-you!" - JB

where you can hear me speak


Check out my recent presentation from DisruptHR Philadelphia on The Fall of Supervision and the Rise of Performance Coaching.  What an exciting format - 5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide!

I shared an extended version of this same topic at the HR West 2020 Conference and the April Delaware Small Business Chamber. Check out my article on this topic in NextConcept HR Magazine and see a small piece of the session here.

I have 1 upcoming session covering the topic of What Voices In Your Head Are You Listening To?  If it's a topic of interest, come see me at the Women Tech Global Conference 2020.  The session received great feedback from the participants at the DAWN Leadership Summit:  Envisioning Your Path Beyond 2020 and in the Rise Women's group for the Delaware Small Business Chamber.

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