Services For Your Organization

Executive Coaching


Individual and group sessions are available to focus on optimizing teams or supporting leaders to achieve their professional development goals.

Coaching sessions are available virtually (phone or Zoom video call) or in person.



Workshops can be tailored to your organization's needs.  Some topics could include:

"I'm New to Team Leadership - What Do I Do Now?"

"The Fall of Supervision and the Rise of Performance Coaching"

"Incorporating a Coaching Approach to Your Leadership Style"

"Using Your Core Motivation Style to Optimize Your Performance"

"Leveraging Habits to Enable Goal Achievement"

Talent Consulting


Are you focused on increasing employee engagement or improving the overall employee experience?

Is your organization starting to scale and you want to think about what that means for your culture, engagement, and retention?

Do you need support as you work through the talent components of an acquisition?

Are you trying to align feedback and performance measurement processes with your culture and business performance?

Are you focused on creating a high-performance team with a focus on trusted relationships?

Is your HR/People Team in need of additional support or coaching?

If any of these are your current talent challenges, I can be part of your solution.

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